History of this site


Above is the HTN as it was delivered to me on December xx,2022.

The background had to be the first thing to be changed.

Then, I noticed Marcus had specified for my List Giving to Make: “How to Get a Payday Advance Loan Without Getting Ripped Off”, instead of “Best Banks for Personal Lones” as I would have gathered from the cover art above.

I created a new book mock up.See below…

I tried working with the Aweber opt in that was on the page. i had entered my email id number and remembered to make the page secure, but it still had problems. After some frustration here…I went back to Funnel Vodoo and started from scratch. In the end, I felt like optin looked better on the sidebar.

The third screemnshot shows that on a test page.

The body of text on the left in the third screenshot is just sample text. If the design seems to work, I will write specific content for it.

Although I like the book mockup. I think I’ll redo it so the title is more vivid at that size